Tauhara College


Initially Tauhara College chose to work with one device – the iPad. We have five years of expertise in developing a curriculum which uses technology to enhance students’ learning. In 2017 we are ready to extend our expertise to allow students to make their choice of a device that best suits their learning needs.


Tablets and Laptops

As technology advances many or the initial advantages offered are now applicable in 2017 with Tablets (various brands) and Laptops. Many students will already be confident in using a device already.

We now enter a whole new exciting era, when many of our students arrive from our feeder schools with expertise and confidence in using a device. This coincides with many of our other students throughout Tauhara College also choosing to work on a variety of devices.

However, some parents may be choosing a device for the first time to support the learning of their child.

If you choose to purchase a product such as a Samsung, iPad or Windows Tablet, or a laptop, please try to look at portability, size, lightness, connectivity and length of battery life. Windows and Google now offer many comparable Apps to Apple. Please ask either the teaching staff at Tauhara or sales people in Electronics stores which device might best suit your budget and the learning of your child.

Students will learn to manage their own learning and there will be less teacher centred learning. It will promote student enquiry, co-operation and collaboration.