Tauhara College

Enviromental Group

Tauhara Environmental Group is a small but select group of senior students who are learning about the school and local environment and are trying to achieveEnvironment Group1.jpg environmental change.

They took part in the Bay of Plenty Environment Challenge. For this they had to carry out a sustainability audit of our school, where they found out some surprising results, like our school spends almost $25,000 a year on water! The group had to put together a presentation based on the problems they found and made an action plan to solve them. They also created a piece of art called “A load of rubbish”, where they filmed our school’s reactions to the pile of rubbish they collected during one day. 
On Wednesday 16th April the group went to Tauranga Girls High School, shared what they had done and took part in a quiz, debate and created two sustainability apps. They really enjoyed the day and learned a lot.

This year, the group have also been tree planting to help ‘Green Taupo’ and visited the Laminex factory to look at the sustainability of a big business.