Tauhara College

Bus Route

As indicated in newsletters last year there have been changes to this year that impact on many of our students who use a bus to travel to or from school.  

The most significant change is the introduction of an annual bus fee for students who do not meet the Ministry of Educations eligibility criteria for transport funding. 

Please see the official information sheet concerning these changes under Resources above. 

The annual fee has been set at $300.00. Families are able to make a termly payment of $75.00. This fee is paid on directly to contribute to providing bus services for our students. Tauhara College does not retain any of this money.  

All students will be allocated the required coloured tag in a bus student meeting during Term 1. These tags have been allocated in good faith and I humbly ask that families pay the fee during the term.  

I would also like to re-emphasise that if this bus fee is in any way a barrier to attending Tauhara College please make contact with me about this so that we can discuss it further.  

It is important that families are able to make an informed choice from the great schools in the Taupo area. Having to pay a bus fee should not have to influence this decision. If families have entrusted Tauhara College with the education of their children, we will continue to do everything that we can to minimise barriers to this happening.  

We appreciate you choosing Tauhara College as your school.  Thanks again for being a part of the Tauhara College community and all the very best for 2019.

For further information regarding bus services, please email Karl Hermann - hk@tauhara.school.nz.

Keith Buntting