Tauhara College

Group Visits

Tauhara College runs a programme for student groups from overseas. The programme can last from 1 week to 3 weeks and contains both study and activities.

The students live with a host family approved by the school during their stay. Each day is filled with activities and learning.  The school provides high quality programmes that take best advantage of the seasons in Taupo.

The Programme
In the morning, students participate in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Kiwi Experience classes such as Maori Culture and New Zealand cooking, and in normal classes.

In the afternoon, they do many tourist and local activities.  We also include a day trip to Rotorua and/or Waitomo Caves.

Students have a lot of opportunities to mix with Tauhara College students.  
For example, the Japanese group has a chance to visit Japanese classes to teach Japanese culture.  Tauhara College students join their English classes and help them learn English.  They learn Maori Haka from Tauhara College students.   

Activities and Excursions
The following are suggested activities popular with previous groups :

  • Kayayking
  • Walk to Huka Falls
  • Boat tour to Maori Rock carvings
  • Horse riding
  • Waitomo Glow-worm Caves
  • Bush Walking
  • Swimming in the hot springs
  • Top Town competition (recreation games)
  • Recreation dance and social (school dance)
  • Snowboarding and/or skiing (in NZ winter)

Many other activities can be arranged as needed.

The cost for a programme depends on the length of stay, the number of the students, and types of activities. We can cater for your needs and budget, and so please do not hesitate to make enquiries.

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