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Financing Tertiary Studies

Do you need help with financing your tertiary study?

Studying at Tertiary level can be expensive, even with help from the government.  You will still need to pay for some course related costs and your living and accommodation.

There are many opportunities to apply for scholarships and student allowance/loan through Studylink.  Most of these depend on your own circumstances, so therefore it is up to you to investigate your options.  One of the first things you can do in preparation is set up your RealMe account.

www.studylink.govt.nz                www.realMe.govt.nz                 www.feesfree.govt.nz


Applying for scholarships can be a great way to reduce your lending amount.  They are often available through the Tertiary providers ie: University, Poly Tech or ITO’s.  Some are also offered in the later part of the year through secondary schools and local newspapers.  The key to being a successful recipient is to make sure you read the application thoroughly and see that you meet all the criteria.  You must apply on time.  Do some research on who is offering this scholarship and be ready to answer any questions when asked at an interview.

As part of the Year 13 career interviews, you will be told more about scholarships, where to look for them and how to apply.

Website – www.generosity.org.nz 

GenerosityNZ is a website that is home to givMe, givUs and givEr.   It is the givMe section that will be most helpful to school leavers entering some kind of tertiary training.  It has over 4000 scholarships and grants for individuals.  The database will help you find the funding schemes relevant to you and what you want to do.  It does take time, so be patient.  Answer the questions carefully to narrow down your search fields.  The key to givMe is to keep checking regularly, as offers come and go through the year.

You can access givMe through the GenerosityNZ website at the public library. 

Website – www.sorted.org.nz

An amazing free website with online tools covering budgeting, financial goal setting, debt, savings, investing, insurance, kiwisaver and retirement.   Definitely worth a visit.

Website – www.moneyhub.co.nz

A free website that is similar to sorted.co.nz

Please come and see the careers department for more information on any of these topics.