Tauhara College

Performing Arts


The Performing Arts Faculty aims to engage as many students as possible at a high level of musical, dance and dramatic performance. We currently run the following performance initiatives:

  • Stage Band – 20 piece jazz, rock, funk, swing band 
  • Choir – 40 strong mixed choir
  • Specialist Music Programme – programme for the musically passionate
  • Numerous rock bands – all have frequent opportunities to perform
  • BandWorks – Rock Band Mentoring Programme
  • Chamber music groups – small instrumental groups
  • Solo performers

Itinerant music lessons in a wide range of instruments

  • Class music lessons at all levels
  • Shakespeare Festival
  • Stage Challenge (bi-annually)
  • School Show (bi-annually)
  • Community drama activities

These initiatives are fuelled by a drive to participate in the following musical opportunities. These events enable students to focus their efforts and set clear, achievable but challenging goals. A run down of a typical year is as follows:


  • Tauhara has Talent –  Internal School Talent quest
  • Vibe Fashion show – biannual
  • Large scale School Musical – biannual
  • Taupo Arts Festival – biannual
  • Specialist Music Programme
  • Roadshow around feeder schools
  • RockQuest – National Rock band competition
  • PlayItStrange Song writing competition
  • The Big Sing – National Choir competition
  • Chamber Music Competition – National Chamber music competition
  • Rhapsody Rotorua
  • Intercanoe Performing Arts Competition.
  • Taupo Talent Quest
  • Big Music Day – Taupo schools music festival
  • Summer Rockfest – school bands rock it out on stage.
  • Taupo Combined Schools Wind Band
  • Wide range of community based performance opportunities, especially for rock bands and solo artists. 
  • Stage Challenge - every second two years

Although there are a large number of competitions listed, the focus is not on competition, rather on participation and each student is encouraged to aim high within themselves. 

The Music Faculty is well resourced with professional live sound reinforcement and recording capabilities. We have good rock band instruments for students to use in school and have recently bought an RD-700GX stage piano – second to
none in stage pianos. We are currently fundraising for 20 iMac computers to
place in the classroom with long term plans to raise $4 million to build a state-of-the-art performing arts complex.

For dance and drama we have the facility of a drama room with stage, dance studio and, of course, the school hall which is able to stage a full school musical. We run full programmes in these areas.
Subjects and Levels Taught
Dance Years 9-13
Drama Years 9-13
Media Studies Years 12-13
Music Years 9-13
Faculty Staff
Mr Rowan Bolley HOD Music
Mrs Jacinda Wilson Dance
Mrs Kate Findley Drama
Mrs Sue Goldsmith Drama Years 9-13, Media Studies