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IMG_5582.jpg In the mathematics faculty at Tauhara we aim to ensure that every student has access to the level of mathematics tuition that they need to make sense of the world around them. Our programmes are tailored to meet the learning needs of our students, with every care taken to ensure that students are taught at their curriculum level and pace.

Faculty Goals
  • All students gain the 10 Numeracy credits required for NCEA Level 1 and UE
  • Attain 70% pass rates in all senior school achievement standards
  • Monitored improvement for every junior student
  • Improvement in Merit and Excellence pass rates
  • learning is e-blended and enhanced with digital technologies
Special Activities

Learning in the Mathematics faculty is supplemented by additional activities such as after school tuition, competitions, project work, homework and web-based resources.

Volcanics e-Learning Enrichment Programme is available to small groups of Year 9 and Year 10 students. Once a week students video conference with students from other schools to discuss, and problem solve, 'big maths questions'

School Tutorials are offered during and after school to all levels. These are free, and it is strongly recommended students attend these if they feel they are struggling in their mathematical learning. For more information on these tutorials please contact jj@tauhara.school.nz.

www.myimaths.com is a mathematics tutoring program that all students are signed up with when they join Tauhara College. They can access this website to revise and/or extend themselves at anytime.

Mathematic Pathways at Tauhara College

Mathematics is compulsory up to Year 11, but encouraged beyond that if achievement is appropriate at earlier levels. Below is a diagram of how mathematics progresses from Year 9 to Year 13.

NCEA Level 1 Mathematics
  • 11 Maths C: Achievement Standard Course, aimed at students definitely intending to continue their mathematics study through the senior school and university in Statistics and/or Calculus
  • 11 Maths S: Achievement Standard Course, that is mostly internally assessed. It is aimed at students intending to continue their mathematics through to Statistics in the senior school.
  • 11 Maths T: An internally assessed Achievement Standards course that emphasizes measurement and geometry, and is tailored to those students who intend to complete their mathematical learning in Year 12 to pursue employment in the Trade/Industry sector.
  • 11 Maths N: Unit Standard course, tailored for those students not intending to pursue Mathematics beyond Year 11.
NCEA Level 2 Mathematics
  • 12 Maths C: Achievement Standard Course, for those intending to study mathematics at NCEA Level 3 in Calculus. This course focuses on abstract and algebraic mathematics.
  • 12 Maths S: Achievement Standard Course, for those intending to study mathematics at NCEA Level 3 in Statistics. This course focuses on measurement, statistics and probability.
  • 12 Math T: Internally assessed Achievement Standard Course. This is a practical mathematics course, that focuses on geometry, measurement and statistics for business.
NCEA Level 3 Mathematics
  • Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus: Achievement Standard Course vital for those intending to pursue careers in Mathematics, Engineering, Architecture or the Sciences
  • Level 3 Statistics: Achievement Standard course vital for those intending to pursue a wide variety of academic pathways, including careers in Management, Medicine, Finance, Humanities or the Sciences

For more information on course selection please refer to the Senior Course Outline Booklet available from the College Office.

Faculty Staff
Ms Deborah Te Rangiita Head of Faculty Mathematics
Mr Ross Shaw Senior Programme Overview
Mr Varghese Painuthara BYOD/Technology/Competition
Mr Karl Hermann Mathematics
Mr Jason Butterfield Mathematics
Ms Amita Ganda Mathematics
Ms Amy Wake Mathematics
Mr Iain Mutch Mathematics