Tauhara College

Tauhara Learning Centre



The Learning Centre aims to provide a positive friendly atmosphere for students who are not engaged, or are having difficulty with their learning, in mainstream classes. Students in Learning Support respond well to having an individualised programme or having extra help in a smaller environment. Students may be referred for learning, behavioural, social or emotional needs or have an illness or injury making them unable to attend classes, may come to the Learning Centre to do their class work. Each student’s needs are assessed and a programme planned to suit them.

We also help students who have dyslexia with improving their literacy levels and with reader/writer assistance for tests and exams.

Students are referred to the Learning Centre by the Deans or Head of Faculties.  Enquiries from parents are welcome.

Students requiring Special Assessment Conditions for exams and assessment are catered for through this Learning Centre.  It is important to get such help in place during the junior years, prior to NCEA assessments and external exams from Year 11 onwards.

Please email Brenda Pilkinton: pb@tauhara.school.nz 

Subjects and Levels Taught
Assistance can be provided in all curriculum areas if required.  Literacy and numeracy are a specialty.  Students who need to raise their level of literacy and numeracy skills can get help in the Learning Centre.
Faculty Staff
Mrs Brenda Pilkinton Teacher in Charge
Ms Rebekah Jones Teacher Aide
Ms Kaylene Henry Teacher Aide