Tauhara College


COVID-19  what now?

We hope you are well and keeping safe during this time.  

With things changing ever so quickly, COVID19 has impacted several scheduled events that we would normally be offering to our students.  Obviously all face to face contact is not possible at the moment, so we need to work around this and continue on the best we can.   Please don’t panic, we are all in the same boat !

You may find that you have to rethink your plans and explore other ideas. We now have a great opportunity to use some of this time to explore or think about your plan B and C ideas.   We need to work together to look at what skills you have and what skills can easily be transferred to other industries or work.  I am available via email, mobile phone, video call, so please feel free to make contact if you need too.

All universities and polytechnics have websites that you can access and have up to date information on course, enrolments, prospectus and in most cases get hold of our student liaison person. It is important if you are considering university, to register your interest with them now.  Please note - you can do this with more than one provider.  

The list of these contacts are under the side tab - Tertiary Provider.

There are many useful websites, from finance to career exploration,  for you to access and you will find these on the side tab - Useful websites.

If you would like help with your CV and cover letters, please email me directly and I will help you.  dr@tauhara.school.nz