Tauhara College


Senior Leadership Team    
Phil McCreery Principal ph@tauhara.school.nz
Iain Mutch Deputy Principal mt@tauhara.school.nz
Andrea Mertens Assistant Principal ma@tauhara.school.nz
2020 Deans and Student Support    
Helen Bissett Guidance Counsellor bh@tauhara.school.nz
Kieran Te Kurapa Year 9 Dean  kt@tauhara.school.nz
Bridget Kemp Year 9 Dean  br@tauhara.school.nz
Dan Piper Year 10 Dean  dp@tauhara.school.nz
Nikki Renowden  Year 10 Dean  rn@tauhara.school.nz
Brenda Pilkinton Year 11 Dean pb@tauhara.school.nz
Tom Inger Year 11 Dean ti@tauhara.school.nz
Susan Whitworth Year 12 Dean wh@tauhara.school.nz
Karl Hermann Year 12 Dean hk@tauhara.school.nz
Russell O'Brien Year 13 Dean ob@tauhara.school.nz
Jenny Harrington Year 13 Dean hj@tauhara.school.nz
Roxane Collins Academic Dean  rc@tauhara.school.nz
Keiko Ferguson International Students' Dean fk@tauhara.school.nz
Rebecca Harvey Volcanics E-Learning and Video Conferencing Dean  hr@tauhara.school.nz
Arts Faculty    
Rowan Bolley Head of Department Performing Arts and Music rb@tauhara.school.nz
Sue Goldsmith Drama gs@tauhara.school.nz
Sally Cunnington Art and Design cs@tauhara.school.nz
Jacinda Wilson Dance sh@tauhara.school.nz
Penny Wilson Art and Design wp@tauhara.school.nz
Vicki Witton Muse and Head of Faculty English wv@tauhara.school.nz
Pamela Carmichael English, Literacy Co-ordinator cl@tauhara.school.nz
Helen Edgecombe English eh@tauhara.school.nz
Polly Withington English pw@tauhara.school.nz
Deepika Gosai English go@tauhara.school.nz
Mr Phil Somers English ps@tauhara.school.nz
Stuart Barbour English sb@tauhara.school.nz
Deborah Te Rangiita Head of Faculty and Numeracy Co-ordinator td@tauhara.school.nz
Ross Shaw Mathematics sw@tauhara.school.nz
Amita Ganda Mathematics ga@tauhara.school.nz
Varghese Painuthara Mathematics pa@tauhara.school.nz
Jason Butterfield Mathematics bj@tauhara.school.nz
Luke Stevens Mathematics sl@tauhara.school.nz
Karl Hermann Mathematics hk@tauhara.school.nz
Dan Piper Mathematics and Technology dp@tauhara.school.nz
Physical Education    
Shanan Harrington Head of Faculty Physical Education and Outdoor Education hs@tauhara.school.nz
Roxane Collins Physical Education and Outdoor Education rc@tauhara.school.nz
Jenny Harrington Physical Education and Peak Performance Sport hj@tauhara.school.nz
Tom Inger Physical Education ti@tauhara.school.nz
Kieran Te Kurapa Physical Education kt@tauhara.school.nz
Lucy Sharplin Physical Education sy@tauhara.school.nz
Janine Giddy Sports Co-ordinator jg@tauhara.school.nz
Rachel Smith Head of Faculty Science sr@tauhara.school.nz
James Lamb STEM lj@tauhara.school.nz
Russell O'Brien Science and Biology ob@tauhara.school.nz
Andrea Mertens Science and Biology ma@tauhara.school.nz
Kate Callaghan Science and Land Based Studies (on leave 2020) cn@tauhara.school.nz
Jason Butterfield Physics bj@tauhara.school.nz
Gennady Nazaruk Science and Biology gn@tauhara.school.nz
Pamela Lambert Science Technician pl@tauhara.school.nz
Social Sciences    
Scott Sargison Head of Faculty Social Sciences  sg@tauhara.school.nz
Susan Whitworth Social Studies, History and Geography wh@tauhara.school.nz
Bridget Kemp Social Studies, History and Geography br@tauhara.school.nz
Ross Kirkwood Tourism kd@tauhara.school.nz
Kylie Sargison Social Studies, Business Studies sk@tauhara.school.nz
Nikki Renowden Business Studies rn@tauhara.school.nz
Kirsty Trevor Food Technology and Head of Technology tk@tauhara.school.nz
Kris Watson STEM  wn@tauhara.school.nz
Allan Goldsmith Electronics  gm@tauhara.school.nz
Iain Mutch Metal Technology mt@tauhara.school.nz
Phil Pyman DVC, Metal Technology and Wood Technology pp@tauhara.school.nz
Douglas Webb Automotive and Mechanical Engineering wb@tauhara.school.nz
Kyra Morrissey Digital Technology mk@tauhara.school.nz 
Ben Bisley Chef Hospitality and Industry Trainer  
Rebecca Harvey Head of Faculty Languages and Media Studies hr@tauhara.school.nz
Keiko Ferguson Spanish and ESOL fk@tauhara.school.nz
Setsuko Sawada Japanese sd@tauhara.school.nz
Atareta Simmonds Te Reo Māori sm@tauhara.school.nz
Special Needs Unit    
Brenda Pilkinton Head of Faculty Special Needs pb@tauhara.school.nz
Michelle Pointon Teacher pm@tauhara.school.nz
Maria Dowd Teacher's Aide
Georgie Morgan Teacher's Aide
Barbara McKay Teacher's Aide
Abby Raharuhi-Stanfield Teacher's Aide
Catherine Meharry Teacher's Aide
Learning Support Centre    
Brenda Pilkinton  SENCO and Inclusive Learning Leader pb@tauhara.school.nz
Sammie Slight Teacher Aide
Support Team    
Connie Karl Librarian kc@tauhara.school.nz
Ashley Cho Network Administrator ch@tauhara.school.nz
Specialist Pathways Team    
Russell O'Brien Gifted and Talented Education ob@tauhara.school.nz
Karl Hermann Young Leaders Programme & Bus controller hk@tauhara.school.nz
Shanan Harrington School Wide Positive Behaviour For Learning SW-PB4L hs@tauhara.school.nz
Jenny Harrington Peak Performance Sports hj@tauhara.school.nz
Jacinda Wilson Specialist Dance Programme sh@tauhara.school.nz
Rowan Bolley Specialist Music Programme rb@tauhara.school.nz
Chris Page Principal's PA, HR  cp@tauhara.school.nz
Linda Nouwens Finance  ln@tauhara.school.nz
Wendy Matthews Office Co-Ordinator wm@tauhara.school.nz
Donna Vanner Administration vr@tauhara.school.nz
Di Coe Administration dc@tauhara.school.nz
Nancy Mellar Administration nm@tauhara.school.nz
Delwyn Roberts Careers Advisor and Trades Academy Co-ordinator  dr@tauhara.school.nz
Paula Burnett Gateway Co-ordinator  bp@tauhara.school.nz
Grounds Staff    
Jocelyn Keesing Caretaker jk@tauhara.school.nz
Jeremy Dixon Assistant Caretaker
Student Wellbeing     
Anamata CAFE Nurse Practitioner
Angie  Anamata CAFE Nurse