Tauhara College

Board of Trustees



Board of Trustees Chairperson: Julie Yeoman

I am delighted to have been re-elected to the Board of Trustees at the recent 2019 elections. I have ten years governance experience in the Education sector and this will be my second term at Tauhara College and as Board Chair. I am motivated to realise the programme of work we developed with the previous Board and to collaborate with our school community, to further enhance our systems and processes to deliver a quality learning experience for each and every student, in an adventurous environment.  

I am an ex-student of Tauhara College and I bring with me a passion for the future of our local school. My husband Steven is also an ex-student, together we operate two forestry companies and raise our three children in this wonderful town. Having previously played and coached netball, run half and a couple of full marathons, walked Oxfam and enjoyed many outdoor activities and adventures as a family, my focus now turns to education and doing what I can to contribute to the local school framework. And my first role as a Mother ensures I do a lot of cheerleading, taxi driving and school trips with the children.  

I will lead our Board to be the best we can be in our role through the values of integrity, honesty and transparency and I share our school's commitment to excellence - tino ū ki tou hiranga -  in my role as Trustee for Tauhara College.

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Parent Representative: Kim Sullivan

Hi, I am Kim Sullivan. Together with my husband Daniel, and son Connor, I have lived in this community since 2005. I am a dairy cow veterinarian and an Intelact dairy farm consultant. My son Connor is currently in Year 9 at Tauhara College and loving it.
I love the outdoors and make the most of this wonderful area that we live in. My family and I enjoy wakeboarding, kayaking, mountain biking, tramping and family trail bike rides. Connor is also trying to convince us that, as a family, we should also be snow skiing and sailing! As small time sheep farmers on our little block, I enjoy the space that living rurally gives me.

I believe a successful school depends on a sound partnership between the school, parents and community. It is good quality education, combined with developing a love of learning, building strength of character and excelling in what we do, that will provide our children with the skills needed to face our ever changing future.

As a parent representative on the Board of Trustees, I enjoy taking an active role in steering the direction of our school, building on the strengths of our teachers and pupils, and continuing to make the school a rewarding and enjoyable place for all.

I am honoured to be on the Board of Trustees, and with my core values of integrity, excellence and family, I believe I make a valuable contribution to the governance of Tauhara College.

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Parent Representative: Shane McNally

Kia ora students and families of Tauhara College.
I'm Shane McNally and have recently been coopted onto the Board of Trustees of Tauhara College.

I am currently a Sergeant in the New Zealand Police, stationed here in Tāupo and have worked in the local community for the past 19 years. My wife is a teacher at Hilltop School, after many years at Tāupo Primary School where I spent approximately 6 years on their Board of Trustees. My daughter is in Year 10 at Tauhara College, and is loving the close-knit learning focused relationships between staff and all levels alike. I have been involved with the College closely over the past six years as Officer in Charge of the CACTUS programme which has had some awesome results for the students involved.

I look forward to continuing to contribute towards support the school and the Senior Leadership Team in their commitment to excellence for all students.


Student Representative: Arabella Marshall

Kia ora koutou katoa, my name is Arabella Marshall and I was elected as Tauhara College’s student representative on the Board of Trustees late 2018. This is a position I am very thankful for as it allows me to experience our school from a new vantage point.

I am very passionate about the welfare of students at Tauhara College and, with my position on the board, I aim to ensure that all are able to experience the true Tauhara environment. A healthy learning setting based on care, courage and commitment as Mr Buntting puts it. I wish to build on these values and ultimately keep with the compassionate nature of our school.

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Parent Representative: John Curtis

I settled in Tāupo to prove you should live where you love and let everything else work itself out! It's a great place to raise a family and my three children will be going through Tauhara College over the next decade.

I'm a software developer and technologist, and co-founded two businesses based in Tāupo but running nationally and globally respectively. I also run Tāupo's co-working space as part of my commitment to connecting people and growing Tāupo's business community. As a keen musician I play locally and teach at the Tāupo School of Music.

I believe in giving our young people the freedom to be fully self expressed, with schools facilitating their discovery of what's possible. Education and life beyond school is becoming increasingly complex so I'm honoured to be part of a team focused on the future of all those at Tauhara College.


Parent Representative: Tim Fletcher

Kia ora koutou, My name is Tim Fletcher and I am proud to be part of the Tauhara College Board of Trustees team.  

I have four daughters attending Tauhara College with another to start in a few years so I envisage a long association with the school.  

I have experience in education as a teacher and principal in various primary schools around the Waikato.  I am currently employed by Tāupo Baptist Church to work with children and young families.


Parent Representative: James Wiltsher

My name is James Wiltsher. I am married to Louisa and we have four children, two at Tauhara College and two at Hilltop School. We have lived in Taupo since 2014 and love being part of this amazing community.

My background is in teaching with many years of experience across a range of age groups. I am passionate about future-focused education and lifelong learning. Currently, I work as a Digital Lead Teacher supporting staff and students with the implementation of the new Digital Curriculum. 

I am very excited to be a member of the Tauhara College Board of Trustees. I bring a range of experiences and skills that will support our teachers and learners. I look forward to being part of the team that will continue to develop the future direction of Tauhara College.

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Staff Representative: Daniel Piper

Kia ora koutou.
My name is Dan Piper and it is my privilege to be the staff representative on the Tauhara College Board of trustees. I have been teaching for 15 years in a variety of contexts in Auckland and Taupo, in both Primary and Secondary schools. I have lived in Taupo for 10 years and my children attend Taupo Primary. At school I am involved in teaching Mathematics, Junior Technology, and I have been busy with the establishment of Te Waka STEM Hub.

 After ten years it has become clear to me just how special it is to be able to work and raise a family in such a beautiful environment and culturally rich community.

I am proud of the safe and supportive learning environment here at Tauhara College, and the hard work that goes into ensuring that every student has the opportunity to reach their potential. Our staff team is diverse and is always striving to embody our key values of Care Courage and Commitment.

Ahakoa he iti he pounamu 
Despite being small you are of great value