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 Enviromental Group

The Enviro Group is a small group of teachers and students who are trying to achieve big environmental changes within the College environment.

The college won a Bronze Enviroschools Award for its efforts, and is in the process of applying for a Silver Award. To this end, the Envirogroup have worked to extend the recycling programme throughout the school, with colour coded bins and a weekly pick up on paper, plastic and aluminium. By the end of the year it is hoped to have several worm farms around the grounds in an effort to recycle the food thrown out by students. Compost bins are already in operation in the Land Based Studies Department, recycling sawdust, newspaper, leaves, grass clippings, etc.

The Envirogroup also gets behind conservation week, organising activities to increase awareness on an individual level. The college with the assistance of the council, is also engaged in a re-vegetation of the Crown Park gully.

Every year, a couple of senior students have the opportunity to join in the Kiwi Recovery Programme run by DOC, which is a unique experience. 
Furthermore, it is hoped the college will purchase their own Kiwi. Funds have been raised through a mufti day with our Japanese Kindai students, and it is hoped to get the balance before the end of the year.